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Brighten up your plant borders, hanging baskets and containers with our fantastic range of colours available, winter hardy plants that will continue to flower through to the end of March.

Tree for Life

Large selection of British grown fruit and ornamental trees now in stock, ready to be planted for summer fruit and great seasonal colour. Our fruit trees range from eating and cooking apples to nectarine and peach trees, our ornamental trees include Flowering Cherry’s (Prunus), Crab Apples (Malus) and Silver Birch (Betula). A tree for life… Read more »

New 2018 David Austin Roses have now arrived!

We have a large selection of varieties and colours, ideal for planting straight in the ground or in one of our elegant glazed or terracotta containers, ideal as a Christmas gift. We also have our home grown Riverside roses available for the garden or special and memorable occasions.